“Loving”: Behind the scenes look of the movie that reflects life changing history

Birmingham, AL – In the 1950’s, there were strict guidelines on how to love in Virginia. One couple changed the course of history for interracial couples in that state. Now, there is a movie that will depict that history: “Loving”.

Richard and Mildred Loving were the heart of a landmark decision made by the Supreme Court in 1967. Starring Ruth Negga as Mildred and Joel Edgerton as Richard, “Loving” is a romance that is first ripped apart by a law in Virginia that bans interracial marriages. The Loving’s were charged with defying the state’s racial integrity. The couple then makes tough decisions to keep their marriage together.

Projected by movie critics to be an award winning film, Director Jeff Nichols takes on a story-line that reflects life changing history. Rotten Tomatoes rates the film a 7.6/10.

“Loving” premieres in Alabama movie theaters on Wednesday, November 23.

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