Wildfire in Odenville jumps containment lines after burning 60+ acres

ASHVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — A wildfire that started Monday near Hardwick Station Road in Odenville jumped containment lines Wednesday. The Alabama Forestry Commission sent five firefighters to cut new containment lines.

According to Coleen Vansant with the Alabama Forestry Commission, the fire had already burned 62 acres before it spread. They won’t know how much more land the fire will burn until it is contained again.

There is no immediate threat to homes or businesses. The fire is in a very rural area, but the biggest threat may be to the firefighters themselves.

“The biggest challenge today is going to be the terrain which is going to be hilly and rocky. There’s going to be some flats – some areas where we’ll be able to get a dozer line into and then we’ll have to hand rake the rest of it,” said Bayne Moore, Forester with the Alabama Forestry Commission.

According to Vansant, bulldozer tracks on rock can be like tennis shoes on ice, and the terrain where the fire is burning is extremely rocky.

Since before the drought, the Alabama Forestry Commission has been short on manpower, so many of the firefighters working the wildfires have been working non-stop.

To help relieve weary crews, forestry firefighters from other regions of Alabama have been brought to Jefferson and St Clair Counties to assist with the workload.

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