Neighbors concerned about construction project’s impact in Liberty Park

VESTAVIA HILLS, Ala. (WIAT) — Some people living in the Vestlake Ridge community of Liberty Park are growing concerned about their safety as construction continues on a new development project in their neighborhood.

CBS42 spoke to neighbors who say they welcome the new homes and the growth but are less than thrilled about how construction is impacting their families.

Neighbors say they hear and feel explosives going off a couple times a day at the construction site.

Construction workers are clearing the land, but neighbors say they’re nervous about it and just want to be notified about the specific times when the explosives are detonated.

Neighbors tell CBS42 they’re also concerned about the damage to their homes.

Francisco Caycedo, a Liberty Park resident, says he’s noticed several cracks in his driveway and along his front porch and garage. He also says the dust from the construction site seems to be overwhelming his home ducts and insulation.

“If you are inside the house the moment of the explosives it’s scary I feel very bad for people in wars, but I feel like I’m in a war zone right now,”

CBS42 spoke to the construction site manager, who says he notifies the homeowner’s association about when the explosions will happen, he said the homeowner’s association then calls residents.

CBS42 reached out to the Liberty Park Homeowner’s Association, to confirm that is in fact happening, we did not hear back in time for the airing of this story.

When neighbors brought up the issue about all of the dust, the construction site manager says they started using water sprayers on the street, taking water from a nearby pond on the property.

One neighbor who spoke to CBS42 off-camera says he had a company come out and give him an estimate on how much it would cost to clean out all the vents and insulation inside his home. He says the dust from the project is overwhelming.

Caycedo says being in a severe drought isn’t helping the situation.

“I think they need to be more careful with us and if it’s the conditions, it’s not raining for two months, probably that’s not the right moment to do these things,” said Caycedo.

Caycedo recorded video of a large rock rolling down the hill from the construction site, landing on the sidewalk. This has some neighbors worried about their safety and the safety of people walking in the area.

“I want to let them know that we’re here and we have families and we are concerned we are scared for our safety not only our property you can see cracks and also that if something has gone wrong with the explosives somebody’s going to get hurt,” said Caycedo.

The construction site manager tells CBS42 that workers have built a dust wall, hoping to cut down on the dust. He says they also have wind sacks to monitor the direction and strength of the winds. He says they’ve gone above and beyond to try to ease the concerns of residents.

The site manager also says he has all of the proper documentation, including before and after pictures of nearby properties, to make sure they aren’t damaging any nearby properties.

It’s important to point out, that there are also plenty of neighbors in the area who expressed their frustration about the dust, but say it comes with growth and construction anywhere, not just in their neighborhood.

The question remains, are these just normal construction headaches or is it all too much.

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