One Class at a Time: Jemison Elementary School

JEMISON, Ala. (WIAT) — Books are pricey! A Jemison Elementary School Media Specialist has an extra $1000 to buy more books for her school’s library.

Ms. Donna Glenn was surprised by principal Scott Ingram and our One Class at a Time team Tuesday morning.  She’ll be using that money to not just get new books for her students, but books her students will want to read.

It’s not an ordinary school library setting.

“They read them so fast, they’ve got to have new things on the shelf to read!’

Students relaxing, lying down to read. It’s what Glenn herself likes to do when she reads at home, so she hopes her students will enjoy it at school.

“If they have in this library what they want to read, then they’re more apt to read,” Glenn explained.

And oh boy, do the students read! Glenn says they circulate between 800 and 1000 book every day, and books aren’t cheap–especially the good quality ones that can withstand constant circulation.

“They run anywhere from 10 to 20 dollars apiece because you want good, library binding books so that they last longer for these kids,” Glenn said.

At that price, the One Class at a Time grant comes at a much needed time.

“I want to increase their love for reading, increase their love for learning, support the teachers with their curriculum,” Glenn reflected. “I want these kids to walk in and go, ‘Ms. Glenn, I’m so excited you’ve got this book.’ Those things make me smile every day, make me go, ‘Ok, that’s why I’m here.'”

A thousand dollars can buy a lot of smiles!

If you would like to help a school win a One Class at a Time grant, click here for an application.

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