Chrysalis Project and Well House team up to help human trafficking survivors

(WIAT) — Men and women gathered at the Mountain Brook Community Church to make a difference on Friday.

The Well House is an organization that rescues and provides opportunity for women and girls who have been sexually exploited. The Chrysalis Project held a luncheon at the church to support The Well House and announce The Chrysalis Project’s role as a new Auxillary for The Well House.

“Our luncheon today is helping to raise awareness and continue to help more girls,” said Tajuan McCarty, founder of The Well House. “What we really need today is people to come behind us, because we just brought 65 acres of land and we’re able to build on it and continue to expand.”

The Well House is located in Leeds, AL, and in addition to rescuing women and helping restore lives, they educate the public about human trafficking through a prism of the Christian faith.

“Our motto is to help one, but we’d love to continue to be able to help more in the process of saving the one,” McCarty said. “We just hope the more people who were not able to attend the luncheon can come behind us and want to come behind us to help continue to support the fight against human trafficking.”

The Chrysalis Project is seeking people who will support the organization financially by making monthly donations. They made it simple, just text “traffic” to 41444.

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