Foul words and foul odors greet Friday patrons at Homewood Post Office

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — Homewood Police are looking for those responsible for hate mail that was sent to their local post office on Friday.

But the mail wasn’t the only concern – that morning, post office employees arrived to work to find minor damage and a foul “fecal” smell in their lobby.

According to an employee at the post office, who is also a Homewood resident, the letter contained hateful language and disturbing messages that stated that “our king is president.”

The letter contained much more, and customers were upset by the message.

“I am shocked, I think that is something that I would think would happen in another part of the world, not in my community,” said Christen Colverg, another Homewood resident. “I would say it’s just sad to think someone would react that way, you know especially a neighbor.”

Other residents felt like the attack showed a particular lack of consideration.

“If you’re a Trump supporter and you’re doing this, shame on you, you’ve already won,” said Paul Del Rio, another Homewood resident. “There is no need to stick it in the face of your fellow citizens.”

According to an employee at the location, something similar happened at another local post office location. Meanwhile, Homewood Police are continuing to investigate this matter, and have a patrolman watching the property for the time being.


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