Bama fans try to look forward to Auburn, without looking past Chattanooga

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) – Bama fans are looking forward to the big game against Auburn next week, even though it may not exactly be what Coach Nick Saban wants.

Tuscaloosa fans have their own opinions about which game they should be focusing on.

“It’s going to be a tough opponent but I think Alabama is gonna beat them 25 to nothing,” one fan predicted.

“Chattanooga or Auburn?” asked CBS42’s Scott Griffin.


This fan was not the only one that was focused on the legendary battle against the Tigers, but others try to live more in the present.

“Always look ahead and always be optimistic,” another said. “You play every game, one game at a time.”

To many fans, the balance between looking ahead and focusing on one game at a time is tough to strike.

“It’s hard not to look ahead,” another fan said. “Nick Saban says one game at a time, I will be here next week for the Auburn game and we will worry about that then, today we have to worry about Chattanooga.”

See how fans from throughout the Druid City reacted in the video above.



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