Ashley’s Mom Monday: Black Friday deals for decorating your home

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — With only 4 days until Black Friday, you may be thinking about what the best deals on appliances or electronics are, but what about decorating your home for the holidays? I have the hottest Black Friday deals for you, so let’s go deck the halls on a dime.

First stop, ornaments. There will be several ways to save on these on Black Friday. Plus, as an added bonus, ornaments are very versatile.

You can think outside the box! We always think about ornaments just going on the tree, but let’s think outside the box and make them table toppers.

The next thing we’re going to look at is wreaths. We can just get a basic wreath and decorate them with ornaments or there are several options that are pre-made as well.
There is one brand that in particular that you’ll want to make sure makes your Black Friday list: Martha Stewart brand. Martha Stewart has been a popular item when it comes to wreaths and ornaments.

Now moving our attention outside. New technology is helping to save time and money. One of the Black Friday specials that Home Depot always has will be your Christmas lights. So, what they typically have is something with the incandescent. Then they have the LED, which will probably be one of the better deals that they offer.

Most retailers will be releasing those big Black Friday bargains on Wednesday. Belk has already released theirs: they are offering 60 to 75 percent off Christmas decor, trees, lights and more!

We’ll be sure to add more bargains to the list as they are announced, so check back!

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