CBS42 Winter Warm-up Coat Drive benefits hundreds

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The numbers are in and your donations to the CBS42 Winter Warm-up Coat Drive benefited hundreds. The coats you donated have helped to warm the homeless men, women and children who showed up for the Worship Center’s Operation Help and Hope at the Boutwell Auditorium.

As the line of homeless stretched down the street outside Boutwell Auditorium, Jose Parson shared stories of how he ended up on the streets.

“I’ve been doing whatever I can to survive on these streets,” Parson said.

Assisting these men, women and families of those on hard times is the purpose behind the Worship Center Church’s Operation Help and Hope.

“Human dignity is to care for others, so I hope that we send that message that they’re not alone, that they are loved and that there’s hope and that we are here to provide help,” Pastor Van Moody said.

Along with praise, worship and open arms, the Worship Center provided meals, grooming services for men and women, health screenings, job interviews, flu shots, HIV testing and even legal services. A lot of these people have already been through the system and they have things hanging out there that have not been addressed, so they are trying to get their records cleaned up.

The coats CBS42 donated from the Winter Warm up Coat Drive went to every man, woman and child that showed up. Throughout the day, Operation Help and Hope served more than 500 homeless.

CBS42 thanks you and everyone who donated to our Winter Warm-up Coat Drive.

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