Leeds woman named country’s top female amateur pool player

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The Birmingham area is home to many sports standouts. You may not know this, but the country’s top female amateur pool player is from Leeds.

Robin Parker’s known at Bumpers Billiards because that’s where she does most of her practicing, but now she’s known across the country in the pool players community because she just went undefeated and won the Women’s US Amateur Championship.

This started out as just something fun to do when she turned 21, but her competitive nature made her go from not the greatest to a champion. She says she learned from other top players and YouTube. She quit at one point for around three years because she was getting burnt out.

Parker said, “in between the 7-8 years I’ve actually been playing, I quit for that long. And everything people were telling me was to play more defensive shots. When I started back playing, I did and it wins matches.”

She makes it look easy, but she says it’s a very mental game. You need to be thinking one, two, even three shots ahead.

She said, “there’s a lot that goes into this that people don’t realize. It’s a mental game too…I want kids to be more involved with it because it is fun, competitive, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in a bar to do it.”

Part of her national amateur win is to have her way paid for her to go to the Pro US Open in Virginia.

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