Graysville residents take matters into their own hands to fight 400 acre fire

GRAYSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — A fire near Graysville torched about 400 acres of land on Wednesday.

The fire, according to Fire Chief Kenny Booth, started early in the day. By late Wednesday night, it was about 80 percent contained.

At one point, part of the fire jumped a containment line, threatening several mobile homes near Old Highway 78. Several of the people who lived there tried to keep the flames at bay using garden hoses, calling fire crews back to the scene.

“I’m nervous. Upset. Just hope it don’t get to my house and everything, hope it don’t get my brother’s house down there,” said John Stillwell, who lives near the containment line.

Fire officials said the area was not under a mandatory evacuation order, but they were urging residents to leave the area while the fire still posed a danger.

“Go ahead and find a safe refuge away from the fire,” Booth said. “So if that means leaving your house and go into an area away from the fire, that’s usually the best bet.”

The cause of the fire has not been determined.

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