Hay Valley Volunteer Fire Department in need of funding to stay open

WALKER COUNTY, ALA (WIAT)- The Hay Valley Fire Department could have close its doors if they don’t get funding soon.

Fire Chief Jeff Carr says they need around $10,000 by January 1st, 2017 to operate the fire department.

The Hay Valley Volunteer Fire Department has around 25 fire fighters and EMT’’s.

“We need $10,000 a year to keep going, and right now we are at $200 in the bank,” said Fire Chief Jeff Carr.

The department’s insurance alone is $7,000.

The fire department covers around 20 miles. They average around 150 fire and medical calls per year, including a massive 400 acre fire earlier this week that threatened Donny Jacks home.

“If had not been for the fire department’s and Forestry I would have lost everything,” said Jacks.

The department does receives up $1,400 every three months from a tobacco tax in the in the county, but Carr says that’s not enough to get by. These volunteers don’t get paid. They say they do it for community.

“We take time to away from our families to provide the service to keep the community safe,” said Carr.

Jacks says it’s critical to help the fire department.

“We just need to pitch in and do what we can for the fire department because when you need them you need them,” said Jacks.

To Donate to the volunteer fire department you can send a check made out to “Hay Valley Fire”, or money to:

P.O. BOX 7

Parrish, Alabama 35580

Carr says donations are tax deductible.

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