Birmingham security expert: Don’t let kids wear monogrammed clothes in public


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – The 2016 holiday season is upon us! It is also the time of year to remember critical safety information. This week Jeff McDowell, with McDowell Security, is sharing information that can help protect your children.

First, McDowell says that parents should not let their children wear monogrammed clothing or anything with their name on it.

“This one tip is mostly for this time of year when you are out shopping, but it can apply for any time you are in a crowded place. (Monograms) can lead to some familiarity. A stranger could come up and call your child by name and could try to take your child with them,” he explained.

Second, McDowell says that he talks to his children in the car before they go shopping, or get into a crowded place.

“We tell them if we get separated, and they can’t find us, to stay in the area we were the last place she saw us. Don’t wander out of the store looking for us. Don’t wander out of the area where we were,” said McDowell.

Last, it is important for adults to remember what to do if they see a missing child.

“You want to find somebody that works at the store. Find a police officer or find a security officer and let them know that there’s a child that you think might be lost. You don’t want someone to think that you might be actually trying to abduct the child,” McDowell said.

McDowell Security is a local Alabama business that helps us get this important safety information out to the public. We hope these tips will help protect you and your family this season. McDowell Security is a full service security firm with trained personnel and specialized equipment to help protect your home, business or special event. They provide services for large corporate events to smaller private holiday parties–really anywhere in between, in addition to round the clock security for commercial real estate, and residential gated communities. They also provide neighborhood patrol to keep your community feeling safe and sound. Contact McDowell Security today and you can really feel safe for this holiday season.

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