eCO Savings Race: The Coaches Report Part 1

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — This week, we are bringing you an eCO Savings Race update from three of our competing family’s financial coaches. Coaches Kenny Minton and Jeff Jones report on the Graham, Holifield, and Wright families progress.


“I think their biggest accomplishment is being able to stick to a budget,” Minton said.

“Watching them pay attention to money that’s going towards food is helping them out a lot,” agreed Jones.

One thing that both of the coaches like is that Wes and Megan are doing extra side jobs to make money.

“Wes is doing woodworking! He can sell some of that to make some extra money. Megan is doing some babysitting on the side. So, they are learning to use their different talents to make extra money,” Minton explained.


For team Holifield, Jones says just getting started has been the biggest accomplishment for them.

“They are like a lot of families who haven’t budgeted before,” he explained.

They are learning a lot with the new experience.

“With the budgeting process they are going through now, they can identify where their money is going and be able to accomplish the goals that they have set,” Minton said.


Jones says that the Wrights have done an excellent job of sharing on social media.

“One of the things that I think people can learn from team Wright is their energy and excitement and enthusiasm in how they tackle their goals,” said Jones.

Their sharing online has helped them hold themselves accountable and keep up their drive for success.

“I know in the past they have done budgeting, but now they can stick with it. I think they’re doing an excellent job being able to snowball debt and build their emergency fund,” Minton said.

Next week, we’ll have an update from the Cox and Jackson’s financial coaches. Visit for more information.

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