Marion County man survives roof collapsing on top of him

MARION COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — There’s a lot of storm damage in west Alabama. Trees blocked roads in Marion County and damaged homes.

I met a man who miraculously lived through the roof of his home collapsing on him.

There are downed power lines, a huge tree uprooted and a dog house that was thrown about 100 feet away, but all that is nothing compared to having the storm come right through your living room.

Richard McGuire thought he was out of the storm’s path, when it ended up coming right to him.

“I saw all the debris falling in on me, I sat right there [in my recliner] I didn’t have time to go anywhere. I wasn’t going to go [outside],” McGuire recalled.

With a piece of metal acting as a cover for his head, he was able to escape without a scratch.

“All that come down on me…you know, it came quick, and just like that….yup,” he said, gesturing to the twisted roof scattered through what remains of his living room.

The damage happened in a matter of seconds, and now it’s going to take a long time to rebuild.

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