Storm damage in Brilliant

BRILLIANT, Ala. (WIAT) — Fire and Rescue crews in Brilliant worked quickly to move trees that fell down on roads there. The storm traveled down Highway 278 from Hamilton to Brilliant Tuesday night, knocking over trees on U.S. 129.

We spoke with one family who had to shelter in their basement. The homeowner describes those terrifying moments when the storm hit.

“We live about a quarter of a mile across the field here and we heard all the commotion and stuff and we got in the basement, and after it all went by we came over here and the building was all tore up and other stuff scattered all over the pasture,” Jeremy Gibbs said. “About three weeks ago, we had a building put up and I was fixin’ to start a small business with a saw mill and now it’s going to be put on hold for a little while to get everything cleaned up and get on back.”

Gibbs says he’s happy to start over knowing that everyone is safe.

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