Family seeking shelter ends up in direct path of tornado

IDER, Ala. (WIAT) — “This corner was the main office. This was the boys bathroom, this was the girls bathroom…” John Price points to spots on the nearly bare concrete slab that used to be Ider Christian Academy Daycare.

Seven of his family members sought shelter there when their County was put under a tornado warning.\

“I’m overwhelmed. I would not have thought winds would have done this much damage,” said Price.

He said his family members evacuated their mobile homes and came here because they thought it would be safer. It wasn’t.

“My mother, my father, my uncle, his youngest daughter and his three grand-kids,” he said.

He said he found out what happened when a friend with the police department came to his house to wake him up.

“Something due to the weather, your family is at the emergency room, they don’t know who all of them are. That was my wake up call,” said Price.

He said his mother and uncle are in critical but stable condition at the hospital. His cousin is recovering in a room there. The other four are recovering at home.

“We’re grateful to everybody that helped. They don’t make words to describe these people,” he said.

Their mobile homes are still standing, untouched by the storm.

The daycare was one of several stops where Alabama Governor Robert Bentley surveyed tornado damage across the state. Just down the road, three people lost their lives when the storm picked up their mobile home and tore it apart.

The governor’s last stop was at the Helicon Volunteer Fire Department where he met with some of the firefighters and surveyed the structural damage up and down Helicon Road. The Helicon VFD was damaged as well.

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