One Class at a Time: Irondale Community School

IRONDALE, Ala. (WIAT) – Irondale Community School’s Mr. Jeremy Taylor received a welcome surprise from the One Class at a Time team earlier this month. Taylor is the technology specialist. Thanks to the generous sponsorship from America’s First Financial, Little Caesars, and Pepsi, Taylor has an extra $1,000 to spend on his classroom.

Two years ago, Taylor started a robotics team.

“We went from six kids; now we have sixteen. And we have an all-girls team. Engineering is very, very big,” said Taylor. “Our students build together, work together and do everything possible to get their robots up and running.”

With his One Class at a Time winnings, Taylor plans to expand his technology program to benefit the whole school. He is planning on creating a Makerspace.

“It’s going to have coding. It’s going to have stop motion. It’s going to have an art section where the kids can draw. It’s mostly going to help our tier two and tier three kids. Those kids need a room where they can play and explore and learn at the same time,” Taylor said.

His Makerspace will introduce kids to ideas and career paths they might not have thought possible.

“It’s called computational thinking. When you’re asking the child to think. You have to come in the room and make a way out of no way. So it’s fun and it’s going to be for the whole school,” said Taylor.

To apply for a Once Class at a Time grant, simply click here: The application process takes about 20-minutes to complete.

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