Family faces new, unexpected hardship after tornado

HELICON, Ala. (CBS 42) – James and Faye Baker rode out this week’s severe weather in their basement in Helicon with 10 other family members.  When it was safe to come out it was hard to see how much damage had been done, but the Baker’s took some comfort in the belief that they had insurance.  They were also grateful that no one had been hurt.  “I believe that even in His wrath, that he is still merciful to us,” Faye told CBS 42, “and He spared our lives.  That’s the main thing.”

In the light of day, the Bakers saw that their home had sustained damage that left their floors flooded from the holes in their roof.  Their RV had flipped and all of their outside buildings had been torn to shreds.  “All of this stuff, really it was kind of bad–to tell you the truth,” said James, a soft-spoken man in his 70’s.

It was around that time that the Bakers learned that they don’t actually have insurance.  The reasons behind that–are complicated.  However, the most important thing to them now–is figuring out how they are going to get back on their feet without it.

“It worries you,” said James.  “I know it’s going to cost a lot to fix this, and get this stuff back into shape.  When you get retired, it’s a little bit different than when you’re working.  You don’t think about it when you’re working.  When you get retired – it’s a little bad.”

The Bakers don’t know how much the repairs are going to total.  Right now, they are planning to tackle things a little bit at a time.  “Just kind of rolling it around it our minds right now,” Faye explained.

Both agreed that their neighbors and the community as a whole has been amazing during this difficult time.  The Bakers acknowledge that things at their house could have been worse–and that they didn’t sustain as much damage as some others.  However, the community has still been quick to provide them with meals and supplies.

“You hate to ask for help as that goes,” James said.  “But yes – I mean anything helps.  Anything.”

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