St. Clair County woman starts Gatlinburg fire relief drive

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — Many people watched in horror as fires raged through the popular vacation spot. Heather Price and her family have started a relief drive and she is now asking her Facebook friends and the community to donate to victims of fires in Tennessee.

A family friend will drive a large U-hall full of supplies to Tennessee later this month.

Price said God put it on her heart to help.

“It was just horrible, I mean I couldn’t imagine what they went through, so I mean, it just really touched us,” said Price.

Price hopes to get the U-hall full by December 16, but if she gets enough donations sooner, it will leave sooner.

Price says she was especially affected by the news that one of her favorite vacation spots was up in flames. She has great memories in Gatlinburg.

“It was wonderful, you know, we went to the aquarium, we actually had a really nice cabin up there, I’m pretty sure it’s not there now but it’s just beautiful up there, I feel bad for all of the wildlife along with the people and everything, it’s just sad,” she said.

Prior to the wildfires in Tennessee, Price was putting together shoe boxes full of small toys and gifts for kids and teens. She’s also hoping to include bibles in all of the boxes. She’s decided to put the shoe boxes in the truck to be taken to kids in Tennessee.

If you’d like to donate to Price’s relief drive, call 205-577-3203.


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