eCO Savings Race: The Coaches Report Part 2

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — This week, we are bringing you an eCO Savings Race update from two of our competing family’s financial coaches. Judd Davis and Sheila McCray update us on the progress team
Cox and team Jackson are making.


“One thing that people could learn from the Cox’s is that anyone can do it,” said Davis. “The thing that has impressed me the most is their total buy-in – not only for themselves but in the way that they have incorporated their daughter. They want to set themselves up for success, but they also want to do that for her as well.”

Davis and McCray say that they Cox family has looked at all aspects of their finances to improve their overall financial picture.


“Their biggest accomplishment is the amount of debt they’ve been able to eliminate and the sacrifices that they have made to be able to accomplish their goals in such a short amount of time,” said McCray.
“They have shown others how to look within themselves and see what their skill sets are. For instance, Ms. Jackson loves to teach. She has been able to turn that around and make an income by tutoring!”

Davis says that he has been impressed with their passion for giving back to the community.

Next Monday, we’ll have an update from the Grayson, Reid and Stephenson’s financial coaches. Visit for more information on all of the participating teams.

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