Justin Ross Harris set to be sentenced Dec. 5

Ross Harris answers Judge Mary Staley Clark's questions, confirming his decision to not testify in his own defense.

(WIAT) — Tuscaloosa-native Justin Ross Harris will learn his punishment today. Harris was found guilty of malice murder after his son Cooper was left in his hot SUV.

Here is a list of the charges:

  • Charges 1, 2 and 3 (Guilty)
  • Life with parole possible after 30 years.
  • Charge 4 (Guilty)
  • 5-20 years
  • Charge 5 (Guilty)
  • 1-10 years
  • Charge 6 (Guilty)
  • 1-10 years
  • Charge 7 and 8 (Guilty)
  • 12 months each

The first five deal with his son Cooper’s death. The last three deal with inappropriate content and messages to underage females.

A jury found Harris guilty of all eight charges in his son’s death and relating to his affairs. Prosecutors claim he wanted his son dead to avoid his parental responsibilities.

Back in 2014, 22-month-old Cooper was left in the hot SUV for seven hours. Harris was arrested that very day, an indication that authorities didn’t view this, even early on, as an accident.

The sentencing is set for 1:30 p.m. Eastern time. Check back with CBS42 for updates.

Harris’ defense did indicate they would appeal.

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