CBS42 Newsroom shares favorite holiday songs & memories (playlist)

Mariah Carey performs at the 82nd Annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2014, in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Christmas is just around the corner, and that means it is now socially acceptable to listen to holiday music!

Music is often sentimental and accompanied with a ton of special memories, especially during the holidays. The CBS42 Newsroom wanted to share with you our favorite holiday songs along with some of our fondest memories, and we hope you’ll share your memories and favorite songs with us as well! We really enjoyed being nostalgic and can’t wait to hear your favorites.

Without further adieu, we present the ~official~ CBS42 Newsroom Holiday Playlist:


Be sure to listen to our Spotify Playlist while you read:

Alex Finnie, Anchor & Reporter

“All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s Christmas CD was one of a few that played around my house during the holidays when I was growing up. I remember my mom, aunt and grandmother cooking and listening to this CD.  Another great Christmas album I grew up listening to as a child was Vanessa Williams Star Bright album.

Brittany Bivins

The music that really makes it feel like Christmas for me is “The Nutcracker Suite.” I grew up watching the ballet every year at this time of the year with my family, and it’s still one of my most treasured holiday memories. That said, NSYNC’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” is also awesome, because there’s nothing like the nineties to tug on my heartstrings!

Naquela Webster, Assignment editor

O Holy Night (O Night Divine) [NSYNC] is my absolute favorite Christmas song. The lyrics are beautiful and signifies why we celebrate the holiday in the first place– the birth of Jesus Christ. I get chills listening to it just imaging God’s glory that night and remembering His mercy for us through the birth of this child. 

Mark Prater, Chief Meteorologist

Nat King Cole – The Christmas Song

Hearing my mom Barbara Prater sing that while she made Christmas cookies is a pure blissful memory for me and my family! Made you feel like everything was perfect for the holidays to come.

Marlon Price, Photographer

“Gee Whiz it’s Christmas” by Carla Thomas and “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” by the Jackson 5. These are by far my 2 favorite because they remind me of my childhood. We had a neighbor who would sit a loud speaker out on his front porch every Christmas Eve and play nothing but Christmas songs and that’s how those particular songs became my favorite. 

Sherri Jackson, Anchor

Oh Holy Night, Aaron Neville. I love the imagery of the song it really takes you to the night of the Savior’s Birth. I flew home from West Virginia on Christmas Eve and had to leave at “o dark thirty,” the wee hours of the morning. It was cold and still dark outside. The song was playing on the radio and I got caught up in the moment. Now every time I hear it, I remember that moment. 

James McConatha, Reporter

George Strait, Christmas Cookies

Mostly because I love Christmas Cookies so much! Reminds me of all the baking my mother and grandmother used to do during the holidays. 

Oh, and because I was a cowboy horse-shoer in a former life. Haha. [see below]. That’s me and my dad when I worked in Wyoming circa 2004. 


D’Atra Montgomery, Producer

You can’t think of Christmas without thinking about the Grinch. You can’t do it! It’s impossible! Yes I said impossible!

Sooo..My favorite Christmas song of all time has to be the iconic You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch. Obviously the best version is the original by Thurl Ravenscroft!

I love the song because I love the movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

John Kelley, Executive Producer

I still have a silver metallic Christmas Tree. I love vintage decorations and toys under the tree—I’m a kid who never really grew up. I can get very nostalgic about the past—but thankfully, not stuck in it.

  • Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses
  • Little Girl Blue by Nina Simone
  • This is Christmas by John Lennon
  • Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt
  • Silent Night by The Jingle Cats

Jamie Ostroff, Reporter

My favorite song is the Hanukkah Song by Adam Sandler because it’s really the only song that relates to Hanukkah. My special memory attached to the song is realizing that they finally made a song about Hanukkah!

Seriously – if you want my favorite Christmas songs, they are “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” because I LOVE that scene from Home Alone, and “Merry Christmas” by NSYNC, because, NSYNC.

Editor’s note: Jamie is severely underestimating her love of NSYNC; see below.
In fact, Jamie's love for NSYNC even made it into the Buzzfeed article, "26 photos that could only have been taken in the early 2000s." Here's what she told Buzzfeed: “Life was good in 2001. I was 12, on vacation in Las Vegas with my family and had $50 to blow. This is what I chose to spend it on. I went home and told all my friends I met NSYNC. They gave me the silent treatment for a solid month when I came clean and told them my head was photoshopped into the picture. Still worth it.”
In fact, Jamie’s love for NSYNC even made it into the Buzzfeed article, “26 photos that could only have been taken in the early 2000s.” Here’s what she told Buzzfeed: “Life was good in 2001. I was 12, on vacation in Las Vegas with my family and had $50 to blow. This is what I chose to spend it on. I went home and told all my friends I met NSYNC. They gave me the silent treatment for a solid month when I came clean and told them my head was photoshopped into the picture. Still worth it.”

Darcelle Hall, Producer

My favorite song is Donny Hathaway’s “This Christmas.” I just remember my mom playing her Christmas mix CD while she’s baking cakes and pies on Christmas Eve. That CD would have songs from folks like the Temptations, Jackson Five, and Charles Brown. 

Chris Breece, Sports Director

Sleigh Ride. It was my favorite song in choir because of the harmonies.

Haley Townsend Rhinehart, Digital Executive Producer

My favorite song is Carol of the Bells, preferably performed by a 4 part mixed (SATB) choir. Some of my favorite memories are singing in chamber choir in high school. We got to wear fur trimmed capes and we started learning Christmas music almost as soon as school started every year! I was a soprano, and Carol of the Bells has some amazingly fun high notes. 

Al Ratcliffe, Photographer

Father Christmas/The Kinks
The Little Drummer Boy-Peace on Earth/Bing Crosby and David Bowie
The Season’s Upon Us/Dropkick Murphys

The only one that really has any special memory associated with it is The Little Drummer Boy. I remember watching the Bing Crosby Christmas special when it aired originally in `977 with my parents. It reminds of my childhood. And was really the first Christmas song I remember hearing that didn’t sound like a church hymn or something from the 1940’s. 

Erik Coleman, Production Director

One of my “favorite” Christmas memories included Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” song. My sister was involved in an ice skating Christmas recital program, and her performance included ice skating to that song. And all I remember that year for Christmas was her rehearsing and rehearsing at home and blaring that song all day and night. I must say it became an instant Coleman classic for my family, but for me, I just wanted that Christmas to be over with so I wouldn’t have to hear that song anymore. To this day, every time I hear that song, I go back to that Christmas.

Brandon Varner, Digital Content Producer

My song is “Please Come Home for Christmas” by Charles Brown.

I love this song because I don’t really care for lots of more “classic” Christmas songs. They would play the song on 98.7 Kiss and every time I heard the song, it would mean that Christmas was coming closer as a kid for me because it was something I had a personal interest in that was just for me. Not that there’s anything wrong with Christmas music, I’m just not really a Christmas cat.

Vicki Porter, Assignment Desk Manager

The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole (chestnuts roasting on an open fire)
This Christmas by Chris Brown
Silent Night by the Temptations
Merry Christmas Baby – Otis Redding
Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt
Baby It’s Cold Outside- Bing Cosby and Doris Day
Baby It’s Cold Outside- Ray Charles and Nina Simone

Rachel Lundberg, Traffic Anchor

• Favorite holiday is Christmas 
• Favorite Christmas song – 12 Days of Christmas
• My special memory – every year we have a family hay ride and when this song is up we go around and each person makes up their own “day” of Christmas. It gets very funny and challenging to remember what everyone said as you get closer to the 12th day! 

Brittany Raines, Producer

Silent Night is my favorite Christmas song. It was the first song I ever learned to play on my Mammaw Cosby’s organ.
I used to play it over and over again when I came to visit her whether it was Christmas or not. My mammaw and I have a very special bond. 

India Maul, Assignment Editor

Donny Hathaway – This Christmas

We play this song EVERY year as we open presents on Christmas Day. We’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember! 

Stephon Dingle, Reporter

My favorite Christmas song is “All I want for Christmas is you” by Mariah Carey and “Santa Claus is coming to town” by the Jackson 5 because I remember being in 3rd grade and all for classes gathered in Mrs. Parker’s classroom at Coldstream Park Elementary in Baltimore to practice for the annual assembly–it was a HUGE deal then. 

Austin Hasenmueller, Digital Content Producer

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee. There’s a video of me from when I was little dancing on my aunt’s fireplace ledge and I am BELTING the song! It’s always been my favorite but I don’t put on as much of a show anymore. 

Sebastian Posey, Digital Director

Favorite Christmas song: Christmas Song by Dave Matthews Band

Memory: While the likely answer here would be that I’m a huge Dave Matthews fan, the real reason is much different. I worked in retail for years, and during the long days of the holiday season our radio would blast the same handful of Christmas songs over and over. But each day, around closing time I’d hear this song. It usually would be drowned out earlier in the day due to all the customers. But in the quiet of the shift’s waning hours, it served as a sweet and beautiful reminder of the reason for the season. 

Kristen Bolden, Producer

My fave is “Mele Kalikimaka” but the Bing Crosby version. My mom and I would listen to his holiday CD A LOT in the car when I was little (and now honestly) but that song, plus his version of “Jingle Bells” with The Andrews Sisters are our top two.  So it’s just nice and sentimental for me. 

Hannah Munoz, Assignment Editor

Favorite Christmas song: Carol of the Bells by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra
I remember my grandparents taking my brothers and me through a village near their home to look at the lights and decorations on the houses. There was always one house that had their lights synced to this version of Carol of the Bells, which might’ve been annoying to the neighbors, but I loved the song and all of the lights and the time spent with my grandparents. 

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