Clay County Animal Clinic going to court over criminal complaint

ASHLAND, Ala. (WIAT) — The Clay County Animal Shelter is being taken to court. A person living in the area says the county’s only animal shelter is a nuisance.

The complainant says the shelter is too noisy. Shelter volunteers say they’ve tried to come to some sort of solution, but apparently it’s not been enough because a criminal complaint was filed in Ashland Municipal Court.

The shelter’s been open for a little over a year. They’ve taken in more than 580 animals in that time and the volunteers who run the shelter say a gentleman who lives about a quarter mile away has been complaining about the noise essentially since they opened. Volunteers say they’ve put up tarps to try and keep the dogs more quiet by not being able to see each other.

Faye Davenport, Secretary Clay County Animal Shelter said,  “They greet us when we go out to feed them in the morning because it is chow time, we get to go out and play some. So, they do bark when we go out in the mornings and when somebody goes to look for a dog or another animal or when we do any maintenance. They bark in greeting to us, but I think most of the time they are quiet.”

The criminal complaint could result in jail time and a fine. The shelter is asking for community support at the hearing. It is January 12 at the Wynn Building in Ashland. The hearing is at 5 p.m.

CBS42 was unable to get in contact with the complainant.

“We really empathize for them, in no way do we want their peaceful life to be disturbed, but we do not feel it is continuous, we do not feel it is so loud that they cannot still enjoy their home,” Davenport said.

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