ACCA proposes 3 cent per gallon gas tax

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The Association of County Commissions of Alabama (ACCA) decided unanimously to support  a new three cent per gallon gas tax in the Alabama legislature.

For many travelers, the idea of paying any more for gas than they already do is more than unpleasant.

“It definitely adds up fast, especially at the gas pump,” said Birmingham resident Sedrick Hicks. “It’s a big issue for people who work hard for their money.”

Sedrick Hicks said he’s tired of hearing his government ask for more his money when he can’t see where that money is being spent.

“If they were actually out fixing the potholes that we already have, we could see some improvement, but right now, what are they doing with the money they already get?” he asked.

According to the American Petroleum Institute, Alabama’s gas tax is currently below the national average. And the last increase? That was in 1992.

“The increase in ’92 was five cents per gallon and there’s not been an adjustment state wide since,” said ACCA Executive Director Sonny Brasfield.

The new gas tax would support a $1.2 billion bond issue for local roads and bridge projects just as a similar program called ATRIP comes to an end.

The new proposal is being called ATRIP-2.

“What our membership is proposing that the state of Alabama do is to continue that program this time with a state funded bond issue that expands the roads and bridges that would be eligible for improvement, resurfacing and upgrading,” said Brasfield.

Denise Collins doesn’t mind the idea. Her job keeps her on the road almost every day.

“The infrastructure of the state of Alabama is so important that I wouldn’t mind paying a little extra for gas because I mean you’ve got to be out there on the road, you want it to be safe,” said Collins.

Not everyone felt the money should come from a gas tax, but everyone did agree on one thing: roads all across the state are in desperate need of repair.

If you’d like to learn more about the proposal, you can find that information on the Drive Alabama website.

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