Video: Arborist saves cat stuck 100 feet up tree

HOOD RIVER, Ore. (KOIN) — An arborist says he saved a “stubborn” cat that was stuck in a Hood River tree for more than 72 hours.

Tyler Roth tells KOIN 6 News Fievel the cat’s owner called him Monday morning, 50 hours after the cat had first gone up the tree near Westside Elementary.

The woman reportedly told Roth a couple of bucket companies came out to try to rescue Fievel during Monday’s brutal weather, but didn’t have any luck.

He said he traveled to Hood River on Tuesday to get Fievel down himself.

When he got there, Roth said Fievel was 60 feet high next to some power lines. He got within 10 feet of the cat but it bolted all the way up to 100 feet.

Eventually, he was able to get a hold of the cat and bring it down to safety.

Roth says it’s the highest he’s ever had to go to rescue a

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