6 cars had tires slashed at Homewood apartment complex

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — Residents at a Homewood apartment complex off Valley Avenue woke up to find their car tires slashed on Monday morning. A total of six cars had slashed tires and one of those cars was a Jefferson County Sheriff’s vehicle that was unmarked.

“I don’t know who came out here and actually flat everybody’s tires around Christmas time,” said resident Dwayne Bryant.

“It’s a pain in the butt,” said Corporal David Green with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. He’s also a resident at the Overlook Apartment Complex.

Before the could start their day, Bryant and Green both had to change a tire. And so did several other residents at the apartment complex.

“I went upstairs to actually get my fiancee’s car and noticed both of her back tires were flat as well,” said Bryant.

Someone had slashed the tires on six cars outside the apartment building. One of those cars was a Jefferson County law enforcement vehicle.

“I feel bad for the other folks here that got a whole bunch of tires slashed,” said Cpl. Green.

Cpl. Green said he was of duty when it happened. He said the crime doesn’t make any sense, except maybe to the culprit.

“The human heart has all sorts of reasons for doing stuff. Revenge, just want to destroy something. Don’t know. Only they do,” said Green.

Dwayne Bryant said the timing couldn’t be worse. He said the expense will cut into his Christmas budget.

“I have to go and buy four tires to replace two cars, and I don’t have the type of money to do that. It’s kind of sad this happened around this time.,” said Bryant.

“Needless to say it hurts people and that’s not good,” said Green.

Whatever the motive, Bryant says he doesn’t want to see the person that slashed his tires get away with it.

“Whoever did this, hopefully they get caught,” said Bryant.

The Birmingham Police Department says they do not have any suspects at this time. Lt. Sean Edwards said cases like this aren’t typically forwarded to a detective. If you have any information, contact the Birmingham Police Department.


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