eCO Savings Race: The Coaches Report Part 3

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – This week we are bringing you a final eCO Savings Race update from three of our competing family’s financial coaches. Coaches Shep Lowery and Jamie Witte share how Team Grayson, Ms. Reid, and the Stephenson’s are progressing.


Lowry and Witte both agree that Ms. Grayson has fought hard to start achieving financial peace.

“She was able to get a new job, which I think was the biggest accomplishment thus far. I think the main thing that people can learn from the Grayson family is to stay positive, even when their circumstances are not the best,” said Witte.


Ms. Reid’s biggest accomplishment throughout the past months of the race is developing the habit of meal planning.

“I think the most surprising thing about Ms. Reid is how independent she is after freshly coming out of a divorce, and being married for so long, and doing everything with another person. It’s exciting to see that she’s so independent already, and able to handle things on her own. She is really finding a life for herself and making a life for herself,” Witte said.


The Stevenson family has worked to organize their financial picture through debt consolidation.

“It dropped their monthly obligations, and their interests rates also dropped without adding on more new debt. Now, they’re going to be paying down the debt faster, and it just eliminates a lot of the stress,” Lowery said.

“I think one of the things that people can learn from the Stevenson family is that if you have a plan, your money goes farther.  And really sitting down and looking at the numbers, and writing those numbers down makes a big difference. A lot of people are kind of scared to do that because they are afraid it’s going to be a bigger number or something more ominous than it really is,” said Witte.

Next Monday we will get a final eCO Savings Race update and learn why the teams will be getting a big surprise in the new year.

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