Car break ins on the rise in Tuscaloosa County, sheriff says

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Police in Tuscaloosa County are investigating more car break in cases this time of year than usual.

Sheriff Ron Abernathy is warning residents not to leave valuables inside your car such as: cell phones, firearms, money or Christmas gifts. Abernathy says in recent weeks his investigators have seen a spike in car break ins in different neighborhoods all around Tuscaloosa County.

Abernathy says some good common sense could prevent residents from becoming a victim.

“Our biggest problem is they will come into a neighborhood and start running down through the driveways and they are going to check to see if the doors are open. And they are going to look to see if they see a gun, or cell phone or money in plain view that’s the car they are going to break into. So we want to stress that no valuables are seen and make sure your vehicle is locked.”

Since November. the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s office has investigated 16 total car break in cases.

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