Pelham family’s nativity scene stolen from front yard

PELHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The Edinger family put their Christmas decorations in front of their home, only to wake up and find someone stole their nativity scene.

When we think of the nativity scene, it resembles the birth of baby Jesus and it includes the Virgin Mary and Joseph among others, but after a few teens stole the show, the only witness left was a wise-man.

“Yesterday, we went out and staked everything down, it’s windy in Alabama in December and I got tired of chasing Mary down the street, you know there’s a donkey flying in the drive way,” said Suzanne  Edinger, whose nativity scene was stolen from her front yard.

Suzanne Edinger did what most people do during the holidays,  recreate the birth of baby Jesus by putting the nativity scene on display in their front yard, but after she finished all the decorations and got ready for bed, “my phone rings a little before midnight and my neighbor says uh, someone just stole your nativity scene, I’m so sorry,”she said.

The neighbor saw three culprits driving away in a pickup truck leaving only seven stakes and a wise man to bear witness to the crime.

“It’s like what, is this a joke, last year someone stole our baby Jesus from that nativity scene, so this year it’s like you’ve got to be kidding me,” Edinger said.

While she copes with the theft of baby Jesus and his witnesses, she still goes to work at her consignment shop called the Blue Building Antiques, but she had a message for those holiday thieves.

“It’s Christmas, number one, you don’t steal Jesus from someone’s yard, number two, the family needs to stay together, bring them back,” Edinger said.

Her Facebook friends had funny messages for the thieves too, “one person said ‘makes me want to get a taser and hide in the bushes,’ I don’t think we would do anything that extreme, but there was talk this morning about loading up the replacement with some baby oil or nasty bacon grease,” Edinger laughed.

A neighbor said she saw three young males leaving the scene in a navy blue F-10 pickup truck, all wearing white baseball caps, if you have any information, you’re asked to call Pelham Police.



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