800 families receive gifts at CBS 42 toy drive

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — More than 800 families received gifts for their children today at a CBS 42 sponsored toy drive. Donations were accepted across the city and toys were distributed this morning at the Division of Youth Services.

“Sometimes life happens for many parents and they can’t control those things happening and they still want to provide a great Christmas for their children,” said Cedric Sparks, Executive Director at The Mayor’s Office Division of Youth Services.

And that’s what today was all about. Toys collected through many partners of Youth First including CBS 42 were distributed to parents and grandparents hoping to make their child’s Christmas a little better.

“From bicycles to board games, balls, you name it. We’ve had donations across the board,” said Sparks.

Youth First serves children from infancy to age 10 and distributed gifts to more than 800 families thanks to generous donations from the public.

“It’s a blessing from God and I thank everybody that contributed thinking about these children during this time of the year,” said Brenda Murrell, a recipient of gifts from the toy drive.

“They might just jump for joy. Mom, where’d I get this from? Santa Claus brought me this? Santa Claus brought me that?” said Bridget Johnson of her children. She also received gifts at the toy drive.

Sparks said he’s thankful for the partnerships and the donors that made it possible for them to touch so many lives.

“Today gives us the opportunity to see the pride on their faces knowing that their little ones will have a Merry Christmas,” said Sparks.

“Thanks Cedric Sparks and the Division of Youth Services for having this for the kids. Cause if it wasn’t for them they wouldn’t have nothing today,” said Johnson.

Sparks said the toy distribution is in its 20th year and each year their reach has grown in the amount of toys donated and distributed.

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