Leaving Tuscaloosa for winter break? You can ask police to patrol for prowlers


TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — The countdown to Christmas is on, and that means police will be putting more manpower on the streets.

Over in Tuscaloosa, one reason for the extra patrols is because thousands of University of Alabama students are on Christmas break from December 17 until January 11, which means lots of empty apartments and homes on campus and off campus.

Cpt. Brad Mason from Tuscaloosa Police says they are putting out more officers and extra investigators to keep an eye on homes and apartments.

“This time of year, we work some specific types of details, just to prevent burglaries and thefts. We have officers out there in uniforms and marked cars, we have officers in plain clothes walking around. We have officers out there in unmarked cars. We work a lot of extra hours during this time of year just make sure residents properties are safe,” Mason said.

Tuscaloosa Police say this is the time of the year when criminals will be trying to break into homes. And since students are gone for nearly a whole month, it is crucial to keep properties safe from the bad guys.

Cpt. Mason says students and homeowners can call Tuscaloosa Police to alert them they are going out of town. Any resident can ask the police to drive by their residence to check to make sure things are okay. If you ask the police for assistance, they will put the request in the database and send officers to check.

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