As Christmas nears, expect traffic delays this weekend

(WIAT) — As we enter the last full weekend before Christmas, people are bracing for traffic delays near the Birmingham area’s most popular shopping destinations.

“One of the biggest problems we face during the holiday shopping is that traffic,” said Mindy Rohr, the spokeswoman for The Summit in Birmingham.

Rohr said staff at the outdoor mall have been planning for the influx of shoppers since early November.

“We’ve spent a lot of time prepping our security team and training them on traffic control to help alleviate in certain areas, so we don’t have that traffic congestion,” Rohr said.

A few miles south along Interstate 459, Hoover Police are already helping with traffic control around the Galleria Mall.

Lt. Keith Czeskleba said even more Hoover Police officers will be out working the traffic beat over the weekend.

“We will have guys stationed at all of our major intersections monitoring traffic, and if it gets to be a backup, they will take control of those intersections and work them manually to improve traffic flow,” Czeskleba said. “Obviously we’ll have additional officers at our various shopping posts throughout the city, just to ensure the safety of folks who are getting that last minute gift.”

Czeskleba pointed out that with a chance of rain in the forecast for Saturday, drivers need to be more careful in traffic, and remember to keep a longer following distance behind the vehicle in front.

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