Local family helps homeless father after witnessing his faith & love through music

MOUNTAIN BROOK, Ala. (WIAT) — 29-year-old Jovan Travis hails from Nebraska. He and his wife had a child–Jovan Junior–but things got rocky in the marriage, and his wife decided she didn’t want to deal with having a child anymore. So, she reportedly left baby Jovan in the frozen section of a supermarket. Her husband eventually recovered baby Jovan, packed up and moved to Birmingham–and the rest is truly an inspiring story.

“[It’s about] having fun even when you’re homeless, even when you want to cry and putting on your happy face because someone is looking for that,” he explained.

Travis endures because of baby Jovan. Right now, they’re both staying at the homeless shelter at the Southside Baptist Church. That’s where they met the Close family.

“I think everyone has something to give–it’s just a matter of finding that something in somebody,” mother Catherine Close said.

Catherine, her husband and other family members came together to support Jovan after hearing his story and witnessing his love for music inside the shelter

“My son knew where a piano was, and he was like, ‘let’s go sneak into this room and go play some music,’ so they went into a room and just started playing the piano.”

With baby Jovan playing along, a story of triumph and talent was realized. The Close family decided to help the father and son out with things they needed, including welcoming baby Jovan into their home

“You can see the drive in him, he just keeps saying, ‘you know I’m going to show everyone how thankful I am when all this is through and done with and I’m back on my feet.’”

“Just being able to rely on the meaning of faith that’s the key part, that’s what humans can’t do, or they don’t do, they don’t do well. Faith is belief in the unseen, and that means even when things are not going well, still believe that they will go well,” Travis reflected.

Things are getting better for Travis: from odd jobs on Craigslist to piano gigs, he’s doing everything he can do to get back on his feet.

The Close family wanted to help Travis on his journey, and started a GoFundMe that raised over $5000. And on Friday, Jovan was able to get his own car.

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