ADORABLE ALERT: Injured fox on the mend

(Courtesy: Raven Ridge Wildlife Center)

LEWISBERRY, Pa. (WHTM) – A local wildlife rescue needs help with the medical care of an injured fox.

Elianna Brook found the red fox, now called Fable, at her Lewisberry home last week.

(Raven Ridge Wildlife Center)

“I came home from work and found her slumped in the corner by my front door. My next door neighbor and I discovered she was injured. Her left hind paw was torn up. We made sure not to touch her or get too close, which is the case with wildlife. I opened a dog crate and put in a scoop of food and she walked in” Brook said.

Brook, a veterinary technician at Winding Hill Veterinary Clinic, took the fox to Raven Ridge Wildlife Center in Washington Borough where Tracie Young, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, determined Fable needed emergency help. Young took Fable to VCA Bridgeport Animal Hospital in Lancaster on Monday.

(Raven Ridge Wildlife Center)

“Fable had two toes amputated and several open wounds that needed to be cleaned and sutured,” Young said. “A big thank you to Dr. Hall and his wonderful team at VCA Bridgeport for their compassion and being able to get this animal into surgery so fast.”

Fable is doing better now. She’s up and walking around but not thrilled with the bandage on her foot. She is drinking, eating and especially loves the donated deer meat with fruits and veggies.

She’ll need extended care and will be at Raven Ridge Wildlife Center a while. The rescue is hoping people will help with the emergency surgery costs, medical supplies, and grocery cards to buy her meat meals.

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