Ashley’s Mom Monday: Letters to Santa

ALABAMA (WIAT) — All across Alabama, kids are dreaming about what Santa may bring them for Christmas. You may have visited Santa to plead that you have been on the nice list or maybe you’ve reinforced your good deeds with an old fashioned letter.

For Daniel and Christopher, they have been a little less than perfect this year, but that hasn’t stopped them in hope that honesty brings Santa good cheer.

Even bad hand writing will get a pass from St Nick.

“Dear Santa, I like I’ve been quite good this year. I realize my list is a tad bit messy, but I genuinely hope you can look over that. Thank you Chris Cringle, I hope you have a merry Christmas,” Daniel wrote.

And toys are just better in pairs.

“Dear Santa, May I have an elf for Christmas…or maybe two…thank you,” Christopher wrote.

The US Postal Service has been helping for years, but we just don’t know exactly how many years. “We’ve been helping [Santa] for a long time, but he doesn’t like to tell you all his secrets,” a postal service worker said.

It is not too late to get your last minute requests in.

“We will be accepting letters as long as the kids send them in. We will try to get them back to them,” the postal service worker said. “Like I said, he’s reading all of them and we are responding to each and every one of them”

There is still time to send in your letter. Santa will read it before he fills his sleigh, but it may be after the new year before you get a letter back. After all, Santa and his elves are very busy this week.

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