Asking necessary questions when making toy donations

TRUSSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — A warning to last minute Christmas shoppers, especially anyone buying gifts for agencies getting toys to the less fortunate. One woman in the Birmingham area says you need to ask necessary questions to make sure the toys land in the hands of the children who need them the most.

One woman in Trussville says she was appalled when she saw a woman in front of her at the returns counter appearing to return up to $500 in toys without a receipt, presumably from a toy drive.

Diane Cole says the woman was trying to return multiples of different toys. At first, she was declined when she turned over her driver license because she had met her large purchase returns limit. Diane says the woman was going around asking for other people’s licenses to make the returns for her, but by the time it was Diane’s turn at the counter, the cashier told her this is an alarming problem.

“Start discussing it with the cashier and she said it’s a serious problem and it’s happening all the time,” Cole said. “They apply at multiple charities get their children’s’ names on there. They get multiple items then after the fact they return them. And her total ended up being $500.”

Diane wanted to share her experience not to discourage people from donating, but to make you ask more questions to ensure the toys get into the right hands. Some non-profits will scratch out bar-codes of new items to make sure they cannot be returned.

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