Major retail development project planned in Anniston

ANNISTON- There are plans to bring a major retail development to the city of Anniston. The project is six million dollars and will include restaurants.

Anniston city Kent Davis said this project could bring up to 150 jobs to Anniston

Harbert Realty has been working hard with the city on the development that will be located on Quintard Avenue between 9th and 10 street.

“There are all fast casual restaurants and realtors that are all national and not are in the area currently so it will all be new for the city of Anniston,” said Harbert Realty Vice President of Retail Development James Proctor.

The developer Harbert Realty says there are seven businesses now part of the project. Local businesses in the area like CD Cellar that sells records, CD’s, and clothes welcomes new neighbors.

“It’s going to be a pretty large piece of a puzzle that’s been ongoing for a while. I hope it will bring more foot traffic. I have always believed that that activity begets activity so we are pretty excited,” said CD Celler owner Larry May.

Davis says that Harbert Realty is expected to close on the property in early 2017.

On January 3, 2016 the city will vote on an incentives package to assist in development and the businesses are expected to be announced.

“It will be good quality of life for downtown Anniston and hope it has a ripple effect on the economy here,” said Davis.

Construction on the project is expected to start in early 2017 and be completed in late 2017.

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