Talladega mother shot in drive-by shooting while sleeping in bed

File photo of police tape. (CBS42/Kerry Robinson)

TALLADEGA, Ala. (WIAT) — Talladega law enforcement is investigating a series of drive-by shootings over the weekend.

One Saturday night shooting on Nimitz Avenue left a 26-year-old mother at UAB Hospital with a gunshot wound in her stomach.

Family members at the home said Mahogani Hunter had just gone to bed when someone drove past their home and opened fire. One of the bullets traveled through the wall at the side of the home and hit Hunter in the stomach.

“We heard Mahogani in the back room saying ,”Mmm, I’m hit, I’m hit. We thought it was a joke until we came in the room and seen blood everywhere,” said Stormee Best, Hunter’s sister-in-law. “That’s when we panicked.”

Another bullet lodged in the wall in the bedroom of Hunter’s 7-year-old daughter. The child was not home during the shooting. Now the family says they’re afraid in their own home.

“We’re at our home. At our home. We’re supposed to feel safe. Instead, an innocent person got shot,” Best said. “I’m always paranoid now, you feel me, feel like someone’s over my shoulder out to get me. You never know.”

Hunter is expected to make a full recovery, but it will take some time, her family says. She will have to relearn some basic skills, including walking, because of injuries to her stomach and back. They say she’ll stay in the hospital through the holidays.

“It won’t be the same,” said Kizzy Mann, her aunt. “We’re going to have Christmas with her at the hospital. We won’t be home.”

No arrests have been made in this case. If you know something that could help Talladega Police, call them at (256) 362-4508.



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