Fight at Wenonah High School causes outrage

WENONAH, Ala. (WIAT)– UPDATE: Birmingham City Schools says that Jennifer Trice was contacted by the school soon after the incident took place. Trice was not immediately available by phone. According to BCS, she did also speak with a school resource officer. There was a follow up communication with Trice on Monday. The school board says the district’s Director of Schools was in contact with Trice on December 19th. Both of the students involved in the fight are okay.

ORIGINAL: A mother wants answers after learning that her daughter was beat up at Wenonah High School. The incident was caught on camera.

The fight happened on December 15 on school grounds. The two students involved have been suspended. CBS42 learned that a parent was involved in the altercation.

“I know my baby’s voice and I hear my child screaming,” Jennifer Trice said.

Two students started arguing and it quickly escalated to a fist fight. In cellphone video shot by a spectator, you see the girls throwing jabs and a parent egging on the fight before eventually getting involved herself.

“I’m watching the video thinking, maybe it’s another child. One of my daughter’s friends said, no, that’s the girl’s mother,” Trice said.

Birmingham City Schools immediately responded to our inquiries about the altercation. The said that a trespass warning has been issued against the parent involved in the fight. She is not allowed to step foot on school grounds while the case is being investigated.

“I was actually hoping that the school would have a conference. I wanted to sit down and know what happened. Was there something that provoked you to jump in? What happened?” Trice said.

Trice filed a police report accusing both the mother and daughter of assault.

“You could see the mother actually standing over my daughter’s head, just kicking, just kicking,” Trice said.

She hopes that shedding light on this fight, will hopefully prevent future incidents down the road.

“I don’t want people to think that this is okay and I do not want this situation to be swept under the rug,” Trice said.

Both students involved will remain suspended, pending a hearing. We are still waiting to hear back from police about whether or not the mother involved in the fight was arrested.

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