Owner of lost dog becomes target of scammers

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — New hurdles in the search for a missing husky. Different agencies issued a warning in recent days that the number of stolen animals is on the rise. One owner missing her husky is still searching for answers.

People are going to be putting up traps Wednesday around the area of Saulter Road near Samford University to try and catch the missing husky, Tucker. It’s encouraging that that there have been sightings, but there has also been a lot of disappointments.

Two pictures were sent to her by someone saying they had Tucker. Turns out it was a scam. Someone went so fast as to take the owners pictures and photo shop different things to make it look like they had the dog. When they were set to meet up in a public place to get Tucker back, the owner knew it was a scam when she was instructed to get the reward money in the form of a PayPal gift card.

Alex Ravenhorst said, “When I found out, I was just so devastated because he threw me through the ringer for a good three to five hours. Just trying to get him to cooperate and all that. And I was thinking this guy could have my dog and he just wants the pin number so he can hear the balance on this PayPal card. And it was awful. Saturday night was probably the worst night so far with this whole thing.”

Police are not able to do much since no crime ended up being committed. Another setback, there have been a lot of reported coyote sightings in Homewood. While there are definitely coyotes, Tucker’s owner fears Tucker may be mistaken for a coyote because his coloring is very light and similar.

Anyone with information about where Tucker is, call (601) 757-7577.

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