Adamsville resident says BWWB water line leaking since Thanksgiving

ADAMSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — An Adamsville resident says she has reported a broken water line on Morrow Lane to the Birmingham Water Works Board four times since Thanksgiving, but the break has not yet been fixed.

Wednesday, we reported a water main break in Avondale that had been gushing water for two weeks according to residents. It had also been reported several times, but it wasn’t repaired until after we reported it.

“Anybody paying attention knows about the Birmingham Water Works Board. And unfortunately with the political appointees and and the management of the water works board I don’t think anybody expects any better,” said Louis Montgomery in Avondale.

Nancy Brochu said she first noticed the water beginning to puddle out on Morrow Lane around Thanksgiving. She reported it immediately. Now, that puddle has grown. She said it seems to be leaking from somewhere around the water meter.

Brochu said she’s called the water board to report it four times in the last month and she’s sent emails, but so far it hasn’t been fixed. In fact, despite the calls and emails and the flags marking the leak, she says the board told her they don’t have any previous record of her reporting the problem.

She said she got more concerned when she received a pamphlet from the water works board about the increased rates under the drought restrictions.

”They wanted to charge surcharges to people that are using too much water, but they’re not fixing this…They need to fix their own problems before they come out and fine us for our water,” said Brochu.

Fortunately, she said the water is shut off at the meter, so she isn’t being charged extra because of the leak, but she said it’s hard to take the Water Works seriously about water conservation when they let a problem like this go on for so long.

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