Sister of 55-pound teen kept isolated in Helena basement speaks out

Helena home where victim was kept. (CBS42)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — A bond hearing is scheduled for next week, for a Helena man accused of keeping his 14-year-old adopted son in isolation, deprived of food and health care.

Richard and Cynthia Kelly are currently being held on bonds of one million dollars each. Richard Kelly is set to appear before a judge on January 4th. Meanwhile, another biological sibling of the boy is coming forward to speak out about the situation and the foster care system that she says let her family down.

Deomica Ussery says, when she was a teenager, her mother gave her up, along with her four siblings. Richard and Cynthia Kelly adopted the two youngest of the family.

They are accused of locking the youngest away and barely giving him nourishment or medical care.

“My question is just, why? How could you do this to a young boy that once you loved and had all this care for and wanted him in your home? What did he do that was so bad?” asked Ussery.

Deomica and her older siblings were teenagers and able to opt out of the system.

WHNT in Huntsville & CNN contributed to this report

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