Footage shows mail carrier chucking package onto Jefferson County man’s doorstep

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — UPDATE: The Postal Service released a brief statement in response to this story.

As far as actions the Postal Service is taking (as mentioned in your piece) we don’t provide information on personnel matters, due to privacy concerns.  I believe the local management team has reached the customer to further resolve their concerns.

ORIGINAL: A Jefferson County man’s surveillance camera captures glaring images of a mail carrier chucking a package onto his doorstep. In a story you’ll see only on CBS42, one man who we are going to keep anonymous says he wants this to be a constructive lesson.

He has a doorbell camera that is motion activated and he didn’t realize anything was wrong until reviewing the footage. That’s when he saw the delivery where the postal worker walks up almost to the porch and then chucks his package like a Frisbee.

He says what he ordered was thankfully not damaged, but it very well could have been.

“Not out to get anybody fired, just out to get someone trained and have someone recognize that in this world we live in, there are not just cameras in police cars and body cameras on police and surveillance cameras in business. People are starting to put up a variety of different surveillance equipment to protect their own self. So you never know who is watching,” he said.

He emailed the postmaster and customer relations person in Birmingham Friday morning. He hasn’t heard back yet.

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