Hay Valley volunteer fire department could be closing its doors

WALKER COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — The Hay Valley Volunteer Fire Department says it will be forced close its doors on January 1, 2017 if they don’t get $7,000 to cover insurance costs.

Right now, fire chief Jeff Carr says they only have $550.

There are around 25 firefighters and EMTs that cover 20 miles and average around 150 fires and medical calls per year. It’s concerning for some residents if the department closes.

“We need it instead of depending on Jasper or somewhere like that ,because they are very quick, right in the area. It doesn’t taken them long to get here if there is a life emergency, if someone has a heart attack it would be good to have them,” said resident Jason.

All the staff are volunteers and work hard to protect the public.

“We take time away from our families to provide the service to keep the community safe,” Carr said.

The department receives up $1,400 every three months from a tobacco tax in the in the county, but the fire department says that’s not enough to get by.

To donate to the volunteer fire department you can send a check made out to “Hay Valley Fire” to:

P.O. BOX 7

Parrish, Alabama 35580

Carr says donations are tax deductible.

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