Detective seeks suspects, witness in Vinesville Rd homicide

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Birmingham police are stepping up the search for two suspects in the shooting death of Andre Brown on Vinesville Road.

Detective Joylyn Craig said Andre Brown was a regular at the gas station, mostly panhandling. But he wasn’t known for causing trouble.

“The people inside of the store here and of course the store on the corner. They knew him very well,” said Craig.

She said Brown’s family lives in the area and his sister saw him the night he was killed, lying in the street.

“She went into a panic … They are very distraught. Nobody knows anything and they just want to know what happened to him,” she said.

Detective Craig has spent hours pouring over the surveillance video from the gas station. It doesn’t show the shooting but it does contain valuable information.

“You see the victim kind of run. As you see the victim run, you see somebody go behind him,” said Craig.

The rest happens out of frame. She said a witness provided more details.

“It was two guys, they may have been holding him. Once he broke loose from them, shots were fired and the victim was able to make it across the street in front of that building where the balloons are,” said Craig.

From the surveillance video, there are three people in particular she would like to find: two suspects and a potential witness.

The first is a man wearing camouflage overalls — the kind with suspenders. She said a witness has identified him as one of the shooters.


The second is a man wearing coveralls. They look brown at a distance but surveillance video from inside the store shows they’re a hunter camouflage. It also shows a clear look at his face.


The third is a woman that can be seen here fleeing the scene and police believe she may be able to tell them exactly what happened to Andre Brown.


“Once the shots were fired you see her run back across and cut across the gas station parking lot. We need to talk to that female because she knows exactly what happened here,” explained Craig. “So if she would come forward or if somebody else would come forward and tell us who those guys were that were standing out here with the victim, that would be great.”

If you have information about the homicide, contact Crime Stoppers at 254-7777. You can leave a tip anonymously.

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