Localized flooding threatens home, closes road in Vestavia Hills

VESTAVIA HILLS, Ala. (WIAT) — Localized flooding threatened a house and vehicle on Heritage Hills Way and closed a section of Liberty Parkway between Urban Center Parkway and Overton Road.

Localized flooding in Vestavia Hills threatened a vehicle and a home on Heritage Hills Way Monday, but thanks to the quick thinking and actions of a neighbor, no damage was done.

Debris barricades in place due to construction in the area was preventing water from draining properly during a heavy downpour and water pooled quickly in the 4000 block of Heritage Hills Way. Resident Brent Olivier realized what was happening and jumped in to help his neighbors.

“When I was yanking on those debris catchers, I mean they were sucked down in there. Pulling on those it was pretty much everything I had to get those out of there,” said Olivier. “I was thinking about the neighbors and their house, their car, stuff getting up to their front porch. You never want to see somebody’s car get damaged. And most people when I knocked on the door they didn’t even realize it was happening cause it happened that quick. Once it started raining really hard, that was it.”

After Olivier moved the barricades the water drained away quickly.

Flooding on Liberty Parkway between Urban Center Parkway and Overton Road closed two lanes to traffic. Police set up barricades around 1 p.m. Monday. Driving through flood waters over the road can be dangerous.

As the rains continue, watch out for standing water in the road and don’t drive through it. Authorities say it’s always best to take a little extra time and find another route.

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