Rain not slowing down Auburn fans in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WIAT) — The Auburn Tigers are taking on the Oklahoma Sooners in the Allstate Sugar Bowl on Monday evening. Tiger fans have shown up in droves, turning the town in into a mini version of the plains. They didn’t waste any time at all this weekend getting the party started, because the thing about the big easy is it’s not hard to find something to do.

“[You’ve got] Bourbon Street, you’ve got the Jackson Square, Cafe Du Monde, all the things that tourists want to do,” says Auburn fan Debbie Massey.

And with special events, like a team pep rally, happening around the game, you have even more options. But some of that means that you’ll be needing to get to your destination a bit early. That’s what Kathy Cook they’re doing, so they can see their daughter perform, “Our daughter is the head majorette for Auburn and we want to get a good view of her.”

The weather stole the bands thunder, raining a pounding chorus on the expecting crowd — but it couldn’t put out their spirit!

So whether fans are here for the band or the football game the action is slated to get started at 7:40 inside the Superdome.

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