Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus bring “Out of This World” show to BJCC

CHICAGO, Il (WIAT) – The Greatest Show on Earth is coming to Birmingham, and we got a preview of all the action.

“This (show) is definitely a brand new chapter in the great history of Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey,” said Johnathan Lee Iverson, the show’s Ring Master.

The show is “Out of this World!” It’s the same circus we have all known and loved for decades, but now there is more action in the mix.

“We always throw some sort of wrench out there, something that gets the audience to be really curious about what other possibilities are there for the human imagination and body,” Iverson said. “And so, with this show, we’ve merged technology, our great imaginations, our great bodies, and all the talents that are around and we’ve come up with a fantastic storyline.”

The show follows the Circus Space Fleet as they tour the galaxy. They encounter surprises and thrills from all the performers, and presents a good versus evil quest everyone in the family will love!

“We’ve broken it down where we have this wonderful theme, this story of good versus evil, a friendship lost and regained,” Iverson said. “And in between that, there’s a lot of adventure going on and a lot of fun. And you see the magic that is the Greatest Show on Earth.”

The show was a lot of hard word for the performers as many had to learn new skills- like how to ice-skate!

“We’ve all had to exercise these new muscles in our performance because not all of us are actors. You know, we have our own different thing, but now we have characters, and it’s wonderful,” Iverson said. “It’s like this interesting new challenge. It’s wonderful to watch people just transform themselves into something new. I had to brush off my acting muscles that I hadn’t used in awhile, and it’s just been a lot of fun. I think the audience gets that when they see ‘Out of This World’ they see, ‘man, this is a new adventure,’ not only for them but for us as well.”

Your chance to travel “Out of this World” is coming to Birmingham January 19th – 22nd. Click here to purchase your tickets.

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