Dietitians weigh in on tips for eating healthy in 2017

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – When making New Year’s resolutions, many focus on losing weight and getting in shape.

For most, this includes changing their diet and eating healthier.

Hy-Vee dietitian Heather Kearney says it’s important to set small goals, so you don’t become overwhelmed.

“A goal of one fruit a day and one serving of vegetables a day, is a good place to start,” Kearney encourages. “You want to make small changes so that you will eventually make those things habits and you can move on to something else.”

Kearney says it takes about three weeks for a habit to form.

“If you can make a small change and work on that for about 21 days, you can really set yourself up for success, if you’re wanting to make changes overall throughout the year,” says Kearney.

For those new to the produce aisle, shopping for fresh produce doesn’t have to be difficult.

When selecting fruits, Kearney says you should pick an orange heavy for it’s size. This means it’s a juicer, fresher fruit.

Many find it easy to eat more salads while attempting to cut calories. Of course, you have to be careful not to overload on salad dressing.

“Some of these pre-chopped salads are really good for that, add a lot of different colors to your plate and can definitely bulk up the nutrients,” Kearney adds.

Hy-Vee shopper Derrick Madden has his own catering business where he works as a chef. He encourages those trying to eat healthy to find the right recipe.

“That can get you started,” Madden says. “Once you’ve got a recipe just follow it, it’s not hard to mess that up.”

For healthy recipes, a how-to guide, and frequently asked questions, head to Hy-Vee’s health website by clicking here.

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